Meet our gourmet chefs of La Table Provençale. They are all seasoned professionals with impressive backgrounds who pride themselves on presenting elegant and exceptional dishes.  Under the direction of our chefs, La Table Provencale is serving absolutely the best food in the Shenandoah Valley.

Executive Chef Richard Wright

Richard Wright
Executive Chef

Read an interview with Chef Wright in the Huffington Post

Born in the Philippines, Executive Chef Richard Wright, was inspired at an early age to not only cook but to eat good food by his Filipino mother and grandfather. Richard attended the York Towne Business Institute in York, Pennsylvania, afterwards accepting a position in South Carolina at Sea Pines Country Club and Oceanfront Resort for two years. Executive Chef, Richard Wright left the Resort and Country Club to pursue his culinary dream in New York City at Gotham Bar and Grill where he furthered his French technique. After working at Gotham Bar and Grill for a year and a half, Richard was inspired to gain more in his culinary career and started working at a three Michelin star restaurant, Le Bernardin, under Eric Ripert. During his five years at Le Bernardin, he started as a cook making canapes and working his way up thru garde manger, saucier and eventually to one of the five sous chefs in the restaurant. After being at Le Bernardin for five years, Executive Chef Richard craved for a different atmosphere, in the country side where he can pick his own vegetables from the garden and have access to more local ingredients, at L’Auberge Provencale. When he’s not preparing his signature dish, butter poached lobster with consommé and potage of vegetables at L’Auberge Provencale, he can be found at home enjoying fatherhood with his daughter and son.

Korey Aldrich
Sous Chef

Ricky Cecil
Sous Chef

Amber Clem
Pastry Chef


Owners: Alain & Celeste Borel

Sommelier: Christian Borel